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Supporting the unique needs of teens and young adults with social differences

Social Living Club (SLC)

Welcome to Golden Heart Ranch Social Living Club! Some of the programs our young adults with special needs can look forward to... Social Skills and Living Skills Programs,Track Club, Supper Club, and Volunteer Days.

Click the Social Living Club to learn more information about GHR’s community programs!

- Christina Lara, Creative Director

Camp Coyote

The Camp Coyote Ridge Experience

During the days spent at Camp Coyote Ridge, we will focus on a social camp experience where Campers will have the opportunity to learn new skills in an exciting way.

Camp Coyote Ridge days are filled with swimming*, outdoor exploration, basketball, ranch animal care, arts & crafts, yoga & fitness, karaoke, indoor & outdoor games, ranch projects, dancing, gardening, and more. Evenings are time for campfires, singing, and reading.

The staff at Golden Heart Ranch are passionate about making sure Coyote Ridge Campers have a great time with their friends and a safe environment for self- expression and personal growth.

*when weather is appropriate

    Participants of the social skills program will engage in group activities that include cooking, gardening, laundry, and daily living skills that enhance problem solving, coping, and development capacities. This program focuses on […]

    LIVING General Description: Teens and young adults will participate in this social skills program by engaging in group activities which include cooking, gardening, and daily living skills that enhance problem solving, coping, […]

    Here is an introduction to the team who will be facilitating events at the Social Living Club…  

    Click below to register for programs and events. Please Click Here to fill out forms required to participate on our programs and events.     Ranch Days – Fall 2, 2021   […]

    GOLDEN HEART RANCH’S SOCIAL LIVING CLUB FORMS We are streamlining and updating all of our Rancher’s information, so please take a moment and complete the forms listed below. The forms found in the […]

    Golden Heart Ranch makes it possible for our kids to join in on the all American sport of baseball! Golden Heart Ranch has brought Challenger Baseball to our special needs community for […]


  • AMWins Group, Inc.
  • Murad
  • VONS
  • IICF
  • So Cal Edison
  • PLUS
  • Special Children’s League
  • Northrop
  • Aidans
  • Grow
  • Manhattan Beach Parks & Recreation
  • Autism Speaks

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